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Business Connectivity


Wavion solution for business connectivity is able to meet the challenge and provide high quality service to business customers with very low setup and maintenance costs. The solution is based on Wavion WBS-5800 base stations operating in the 5.8 GHz band or WBS-2400 base stations operating in the 2.4 GHz band, in conjunction with outdoor customer premise equipment (CPEĄ¯s). This combination provides high-throughput, stable network coverage for up to 20Km.

   Key benefits

  • High capacity and superior radio performance in a wireless network using Wavion WBS base stations with WavionĄ¯s beamforming and SDMA technology.
  • Utilization of both Non-Line-of-Sight for short distance and Line-of-Site for long distance connectivity.
  • Improved network coverage with significantly fewer base stations.
  • Cost effective and hort time to market solution enabled by providing service to existing, standard-based clients.



Municipalities need to save on infrastructure set up costs, where wireless networks have an inherent advantage. However, municipal networks are required to provide as wide coverage as possible in order to cover the entire territory. In addition, high capacity network is required in order to handle several applications simultaneously. Spare network capacity can be used by the municipality to provide wireless internet access to its citizens, as a complementary service. This type of gesture goes a long way in people's perception of their municipal service.The efficient coverage, offered by WavionĄ¯s spatially adaptive beamforming technology requires significantly fewer base stations to cover a square kilometer. This translates to tremendous reduction in network infrastructure costs.

Key benefits
  • Low cost of ownership for infrastructure deployment as well as maintenance
  • Support of multiple applications on a single broadband network
  • Improved coverage, with up to 3 times the coverage of conventional AP
  • Easy installation requiring minimal alignments, which is critical in difficult-to-reach places such as light poles

Internet to Schools and Communities


WavionĄ¯s Internet to schools solution has been proven to be effective in terms of performance and cost. The solution is based on Wavion WBSb broadband wireless base stations, which utilize WavionĄ¯s unique and powerful beamforming technology. A single WBS base station is able to provide access not only to the school itself but also to the pupils at their home and the entire surrounding community.The WBS base station provides a self-backhaul functionality, which makes it extremely easy to install. Extended coverage to additional villages and communities can be achieved simply by installing an additional unit. The beamforming technology assure that no cumbersome alignments are required as part of the installation process.The WBS base station requires very low power consumption, typically less than 35Watt. This allows the unit to be installed with a solar or a battery powering unit, thus making it a viable solution in remote locations with no direct power lines.

Key benefits
  • Provides good indoor penetration, which ensures that residences throughout the community as well as the school can be effectively accessed
  • Provides low cost of ownership for infrastructure deployment as well as maintenance
  • Supports long-hauls multiple point to point links of up to 20 Km' per CPE with the same WBSbase station

Building Coverage


Buildings such as hotels, offices and government facilities that need to provide broadband wireless service to their residents, often need to lay a cumbersome infrastructure throughout the building. In a building with 15 floors and 4 wings in each floor, a typical broadband wireless installation may require 60 access points to be deployed. Furthermore, each access point requires a wire line network connection.
WavionĄ¯s building coverage solution is a very cost effective alternative with faster rollout and easier maintenance. By deploying only one or two WBS- base stations from the outside of the building, it is possible to provide coverage in all floors and wings. The WBS base station coverage is so good that it effectively provides connections even to weaker clients such as laptops with embedded Wi-Fi client.
WavionĄ¯s solution offers much lower cost of ownership. The infrastructure costs are lower due to the low number of base stations (CAPEX), and the maintenance costs are reduced from the same reason (OPEX).

Key benefits
  • Provides good indoor penetration, which ensures that rooms and offices throughout the building can be effectively accessed
  • Provides low cost of ownership for infrastructure deployment as well as maintenance
  • Enables easy installation with minimal alignments